Start Retirement Early.  Begin the Most Rewarding Chapter of Your Life.

About seven thousand people in the United States reach the age of 65 EVERY DAY!

There has never been such a large generation of people entering retirement! I wonder how many of these people have prepared for their "golden years"? How many will actually be able to retire early? Have you put much time and effort into preparing to start retirement early? How many will never be able to retire? What sort of retirement years do you envision? How will you stay healthy? How long do you envision yourself working? Will you start retirement early?

Retirement has become more of a journey than an event. Many people never actually completely retire, they change their lifestyle to do work that interests them and keeps them active and energized. To have a retirement that is flexible and enjoyable you need to have the right income streams in place so that money is not the limiting factor in your decisions. We have all had enough of mandatory work. There should be none of that in your retirement! There is a lot of information here about generating income and the planning to help it grow for you. This is probably the most important piece of your retirement puzzle. Always have a financial plan to work with!

Your retirement may seem like a huge abstract, complicated venture that overwhelms you.  No matter where you are on the path to retirement, here is how to simplify things.  There are really only two critical components of retirement.  1. Your financial health.  2.   Your physical health.  If you get these right, your retirement will be successful!  Almost every retirement issue is somehow related to these 2 things.  So, there are only 2 things to worry aboutSomehow that concept makes it easier for me.

  You only get to retire once in your life, so why not make it the most powerful, abundant, adventurous, energetic, loving, and enjoyable experience possible!

Here are some of the key issues this site will focus on:

- Early retirement on your terms.

- Having a strong retirement income stream.

- Creating multiple income streams.

- Recovering from losing your job and income.

- Calculating where you stand financially.

- Ways to generate new income.

- Considering how long and how often you want to work.

- Ways to save money.

- Continuing or creating a healthy lifestyle.

- Implementing healthy nutrition and diet.

- Keeping bones and joints strong.

- Managing your health as you age.

- Volunteerism and giving back.

- Ideas for your "Bucket List".

- Great books to read!

- Having an adventurous, incredible time!

If you are like me, and most of the millions of Baby Boomers heading towards retirement, the traditional approaches to retirement may not fully apply. I want an active, productive retirement that may involve working for a long time. However, I want to work in my own business, enjoy what I am doing, and work on my terms.

To get the most out of retirement, have an "early retirement mindset" and be an active participant in your planning.

People with a retirement plan have an average of THREE TIMES THE WEALTH OF PEOPLE WITHOUT A PLAN! You will see this statement numerous times throughout this website. The importance of a plan cannot be understated!

Anyone, including you, can be semi-retired immediately just by having the right attitude! Know that you have started today on the path towards the retirement you want! Write your ideas, hopes, and dreams down where you see them often. Visualize what you will be doing in retirement. Start making this all real, now!

This is your opportunity to do some of the things you have had to put off for a variety of reasons. Make it happen!

My goal for this website is to provide relevant, current information that helps you achieve your retirement goals and dreams. Some very important components of your retirement are in the hands of government programs. This creates a lot of uncertainty and unease because things can change in a hurry depending on different political "climates". This is where diversification is a good idea. The less of your retirement that is dependent on government programs, the less your chances are for changes you can not control.

The Great Recession is behind us!! What this means for your early retirement dreams is this is a great opportunity to make it happen. If ever there was a time the economy will be growing, THIS IS IT! See your financial adviser and make some smart investments. I find it hard to believe only about 25% of people have investments in traded funds, the stock markets etc. Money does not grow properly without some risk. Use this period of economic growth to your advantage!!

Please take the time to explore the rest of this website. I have added many links to other websites that contain valuable and current information to educate you on your retirement journey. The more you learn, the easier your decisions become, and your chances of making good decisions increases! Hopefully, YOU will start retirement earlier than you think is probable!

I regularly update this website as the daily events that impact retirement issues occur. Staying current is one of the best ways to be actively involved in your retirement. Your feedback is also important to me. Please use the contact tab if you wish to communicate with me. I value your opinion! There will be other features at this web site that will allow you to participate and share your early retirement adventure!